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Statistics on Children In Zambia

Zambia?s rate of HIV currently stands at 17%.
Zambia is a country where malaria is rife yet only 7% of children are sleeping under a treated mosquito net.
Many of these combining factors have had consequential effects on children. This includes:
11% of children between the ages of 5 and 14 entering child labour.
20% of children underweight.
43% of children not attending primary school.
Almost one in every five children (18%) is dead before they are five years old.
Of the living children, half are nutritionally stunted and one in six are orphans.

This information is based on statistics provided by Unicef. Please see their website for further information


GDP $15.93 billion (2007)
GDP growth 6.0% (2007)
GDP per capita $1400 (2007)
GDP by sector agriculture: 22%, industry: 29%, services: 48.9% (2007)
Inflation (CPI) 8% (2007)
below poverty line 65% (2007)
Labour force 4.8 million (2005)
Labour force
by occupation agriculture: 85%, industry:) 6%, services: 9%
Unemployment 50% (2000)
Main industries copper mining and processing, construction, foodstuffs, beverages, chemicals, textiles, fertilizer, horticulture


Zambia is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa, to the east of Angola. It has a total area of 752 618 square kilometres (slightly larger than Texas), of which 9 220 kmē are water.

Zambia has a total of 5 664 km of land boundaries, and it borders: Angola for 1 110 km, Democratic Republic of the Congo for 1 930 km, Malawi for 837 km, Mozambique for 419 km, Namibia for 233 km, Tanzania for 338 km, Zimbabwe for 797 km, and Botswana for 0 km.


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